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Speaker  |  Author  |  Eldercare Expert  |  Consultant

Speaker | Author | Eldercare Expert | Consultant

Older Adult & Elder Care

If you have an older adult you are concerned about, contact Pat for information and support. She can help relieve your uncertainty and stress. Pat has over 24 years of experience consulting individual clients and families, and working with organizations that serve elders.

Would you like to...

  • Learn games and new experiences that will add pathways in your loved one’s brain, replacing other pathways that seem to be fading?
  • Be able to bring up the issues that concern you without upsetting loved one?
  • Relieve your frustration and impatience because you miss the person your loved one used to be?
  • Hire the perfect caregiver?
  • Comfortably approach challenging situations such as, visiting friends in the hospital?
  • Learn ways to talk to older people, people with dementia, sick friends, people in grief,  and many more?


Hold My Hand Consulting

Pat answers caregiving questions and guides familes to comfortable solutions.  Coaching can be occasional or ongoing, as new issues and scenarios arise.  Families can learn to work together expertly and to avoid future regrets.  Pat helps you assess the situation, take all the considerations into account, and come up with solutions.

5 Easy Steps to Help Older Adults

  1. List what you think they need and how often.
  2. Imagine who would be the perfect person to help them.
  3. Ask your friends and your Area Agency on Aging for trusted referrals.
  4. Suggest the idea to your parents in a positive way.
  5. Ask your parents to agree to a trial.

Pat Williams inspires and teaches!  Ask Pat to create a webinar designed for your company or association.

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